Where to Find the Cheapest Flights to Mexico

Hopper found out how much it costs to fly to Mexico on average and which U.S. cities offer the cheapest routes!

Dara Continenza - Apr. 29, 2015

Whether you're headed to Cabo or Cancun, Mexico City or beyond, flights to Mexico aren't always cheap. Where you live and which airlines service that airport play a big part in how much you'll pay for your flight. To help you out, Hopper created a map that shows you the average cost of flying to Mexico from each U.S. state. We also found which specific routes are the cheapest in the country overall!

Naturally, flights to Mexico from California, Texas, and Florida are the cheapest (you can thank their convenient proximity). But a few other spots on the map offer surprisingly low-priced flights to Mexico, including Colorado, North Carolina, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

Which airlines offer these super-cheap flights? Spirit and United seem to offer the cheapest non-stop routes, while AeroMexico offers flights with stops from some destinations for about the same price.

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The Average Cost of Flying to Mexico from Each State

The 10 Cheapest Routes from the United States to Mexico

  1. Fly from San Diego to Los Cabos from $180
  2. Fly from Dallas/Fort Worth to Los Cabos from $182
  3. Fly from Fort Lauderdale to Cancun from $183
  4. Fly from San Antonio to Mexico City from $245
  5. Fly from Houston to Mexico City from $247
  6. Fly from Los Angeles to Mexico City from $248
  7. Fly from Sacramento to Mexico City from $255
  8. Fly from Houston to Los Cabos from $256
  9. Fly from San Antonio to Cancun from $256
  10. Fly from Dallas/Fort Worth to Mexico City from $262

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