Where to Find the Cheapest Flights to Puerto Rico

Find out how much it costs to fly to Puerto Rico and which U.S. cities offer the cheapest routes to this vacation hot spot!

Dara Continenza - Apr. 29, 2015

With its colonial architecture and sunny beaches, Puerto Rico is one of the top vacation destinations from the United States. Flights to this nearby paradise don't always come cheap. Lucky for you, Hopper crunched the numbers to find the best states for flying to Puerto Rico, where flights are cheap and routes abundant.

You can see on the map below where the cheapest flights originate. Florida comes in with the overall cheapest flights to Puerto Rico; savvy fliers can often find tickets for well under $200! Other cities on the East Coast also offer flights in that sweet $200 to $300 range, and surprisingly, fliers from Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, and Austin can also nab pretty good deals!

A number of airlines provide these flights to Puerto Rico; look for easy and cheap non-stops on jetBlue as well as Spirit, Delta, and United.

The Average Cost of Flying to Puerto Rico from Each State

The 10 Cheapest Routes from the United States to Puerto Rico

  1. Fly from Fort Lauderdale to Aguadilla from $159
  2. Fly from Orlando to San Juan from $218
  3. Fly from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan from $223
  4. Fly from Tampa to San Juan from $252
  5. Fly from Miami to San Juan from $261
  6. Fly from Raleigh-Durham to San Juan from $267
  7. Fly from Orlando to Aguadilla from $276
  8. Fly from Fort Meyers to San Juan from $277
  9. Fly from Austin to San Juan from $286
  10. Fly from Orlando to Ponce from $292

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