Hopper Acquires GDX Travel, Accelerating Its NDC Capabilities and Expanding Its Global Footprint

Hopper, the fastest growing travel app, announced today that it has acquired GDX Travel, a Bogota-based travel company which specializes in airline connectivity.

Brianna Schneider - Nov. 14, 2019
City - Bogota

Hopper, the fastest growing travel app, announced today that it has acquired GDX Travel, a Bogota-based travel company which specializes in airline connectivity. The acquisition will advance Hopper’s plans to directly connect with its airline partners’ systems via IATA’s NDC, ensuring customers have access to the full breadth of airline content. Additionally, GDX Travel will establish the company’s Latin American headquarters in Bogota as Hopper prepares to expand into the region. 

Hopper will leverage GDX Travel’s powerful API to connect directly to over 25 regional and low-cost carriers in Latin America that are not available in the GDS. The GDX team will focus on implementing NDC connections with select airline partners in order to offer Hopper customers the best fares and a full range of airline ancillary products.  

Hopper serves as an ideal NDC partner for airlines because of its mission to empower travelers to make the best purchasing decisions. Hopper delivers a highly personalized experience for its customers through its conversational commerce model and algorithmic merchandising -- a proprietary technology powered by AI, which personalizes inventory and further delivers value to travelers. Hopper’s algorithms evaluate the value that customers place on various trip and flight attributes as well as offer personalized considerations based on the customer’s segment. Through NDC connections, Hopper can share with the airline customer segment information which the airline can use to return its best offer using its full set of ancillary products, fare classes, and bundled products. Hopper’s conversational commerce model ensures the customer is targeted with the right offer at the right time. 

GDX Travel will establish Hopper’s regional headquarters in Bogota as the company prepares to expand into Latin America. Latin America is already Hopper’s second largest market outside of the United States with a current year-over-year growth rate of over 100%. The GDX Travel team will help with localization projects such as language and payments in an effort to scale Hopper’s reach in the region. 

“GDX Travel brings a wealth of experience in the airline connectivity space and we’re thrilled to have them on board,” said Dakota Smith, Chief Strategy Officer at Hopper. “Their expertise will allow us to further our commitment to our airline partners by best serving our shared customers through NDC. They will also be instrumental in helping us expand our presence in Latin America.” 

“We are thrilled to become a part of the Hopper family as it expands its influence both in airline connectivity and in geography,” said James Figueroa, CEO and Co-Founder at GDX Travel. “Hopper is the ideal vehicle through which GDX will continue to make an impact - as the world’s fastest-growing travel booking app, Hopper’s NDC capabilities will be game changing for both airlines and travelers alike. We look forward to building out this program, and serving as a home base as Hopper expands into the region.” 


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