Hopper Announces Price Freeze for Hotels to Help Summer Travelers Lock in the Best Rates

As summer travel heats up, new hotel feature allows Hopper users to freeze and hold hotel deals for up to 60 days

Anwesha Bhattacharjee - Jun. 16, 2021
Price Freeze for Hotels

Today, we’re excited to announce that we are launching a hotel booking feature available on the Hopper app to help users ensure they are always getting the best deal. As travelers look to get back out there this summer, demand for hotel rooms is surging, causing prices to skyrocket. 

Searches for hotels on Hopper are up a sizable 130% since the beginning of 2021, increasing 7% week-over-week. In early April, when vaccines became available to the general public in many states, we saw an 85% increase in searches – a particularly strong inflection point in the hotel industry’s recovery. 

Independence Day is shaping out to be the busiest weekend for hotel stays this summer. In mid-May (~50 days before July 4th), searches for hotel stays on July 4th weekend began outpacing searches for the weekends leading up to it. Searches for July 4th weekend reservations shot up 88%, compared to a 37% increase in searches for other weekends in June. Where are travelers looking to stay? The most booked destinations on Hopper for July 4th weekend are for 1.) Las Vegas, 2.) Miami Beach, and 3.) New Orleans. 

What does this mean for prices? We’re expecting prices to continue to rise into the summer months on the back of both seasonal demand and growing domestic leisure travel demand, likely increasing 17% to top out at $165/night on average nationwide in early July. Travelers who know they want to travel this July 4th should act now.  

Introducing Price Freeze for Hotels

See a great deal but not ready to book? Price Freeze for Hotels will help you lock in the lowest rate today.

With just a few taps, you can freeze a hotel deal. Hopper will hold that price for a short window so you can come back and book at a more convenient time. Price Freeze for Hotels allows you to freeze the best rate at a specific hotel for as long as 60 days. We're also rolling out the ability for Hopper users to select which bed configurations they want (Queen, 2 Doubles, King), offering a Price Freeze on the best rate for that specific room setup. 

Hopper ensures that customers always get the best price – if the price increases during the course of the freeze window, Hopper will cover up to $100 so you pay that previous low price. If the price goes down during the freeze window, you’ll pay the new low price.

Once you are ready to purchase a hotel rate that you froze, the Price Freeze deposit will be credited to your booking price. Changed your mind to another hotel? No problem, the Price Freeze is transferable and you can use your Price Freeze deposit towards another hotel booking. 

How much can the Price Freeze save you? For the average 2 to 3 night stay, Hopper customers that use Price Freeze for Hotels save on average $43 per stay, or $17 per night. If you're considering going away July 4th but haven’t 100% firmed up your plans, freeze a price now to lock in a good deal for the high-demand holiday weekend.

Prices Freeze for Hotels is available anywhere you use the Hopper app.

*Price Freeze for Hotels is available on iOS and Android.

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