Hopper Launches Travel Agent Training Program Designed for Everyone

Offering a cost-effective and in-depth training program, Bunny Bootcamp was created for individuals with little or no experience in the travel industry

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Jo Lai - Wed Apr 13 2022

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As travel rebounds post-Omicron, there is an increasing need across the travel industry for seasoned travel agents who have deep technical knowledge. This demand coincides with the ‘Great Resignation’ we are seeing across the country, as people reevaluate their careers and explore new opportunities. However, the lack of prior experience remains a main barrier to entry for individuals looking to break into the travel agent profession.

In an effort to address this gap in the market and offer a new professional development opportunity, Hopper – the #1 most downloaded travel app in the U.S. – is thrilled to announce the launch of its own travel agent training course: Bunny Bootcamp. This job-readiness program is designed for individuals with little or no experience in the travel industry, who have a love for travel and aspire to become a travel agent. 

As a company-agnostic program it’s not designed exclusively for the needs of Hopper, but rather encompasses the skills our industry experts believe most travel companies would require before considering your candidacy as a travel agent. 

Bunny Bootcamp costs $299, making it one of the most affordable travel agent training programs on the market. With purchase, individuals will get the following:

  • 160 hours of course material

  • Access to interactive course forum

  • Access to course modules & study guides

  • Access to quizzes

  • Access to Sabre GDS guided simulation

  • Access to an expert facilitator

  • Access to the Slack community

  • Receive a certificate of completion

“Particularly right now, people are evaluating their professional lives and considering a change,” said Jo Lai, Head of Customer Experience at Hopper. “We hope that this comprehensive training program can help individuals learn new skills and open doors to a career as a travel agent. As the top travel app in North America, Hopper has deep technical knowledge of this space that can help aspiring travel agents at all levels succeed.”

The program is self-guided, offering individuals the chance to complete the course from anywhere. Expert facilitators are available for questions and additional guidance. Powered by one of the best travel training softwares on the market, individuals that sign up for Bunny Bootcamp can be sure they are getting applicable, real-world experience. Want a sneak peek? Free previews of some lessons are available online for you to peruse before purchase. 

While our program does not guarantee you a job with Hopper, it does provide training in the most fundamental skills needed to pursue your career as a travel agent. In fact, we are so passionate about our program that we are leveraging it as an internal upskilling tool for our in-house travel experts – further, any employee at Hopper can opt into Bunny Bootcamp learning programs. 

If you are considering a career as a travel agent, learn more about prerequisites by checking out our Bunny Bootcamp website