Hopper's B2B Business Reaches New Heights with Launch of E-commerce Offerings

Hopper’s B2B business rebrands as HTS (Hopper Technology Solutions); expanding product offerings with launch of HTS E-commerce

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Brianna Schneider - Thu Sep 28 2023

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Hopper, a global travel platform, announces a new product offering and rebrand of its B2B business as the company invests in providing a comprehensive travel platform for all partners. 

Hopper established its position as the leading OTA for Gen Z and Millennials, but in recent years has evolved to become much more. Underpinned by its comprehensive travel agency, novel travel fintech and modern E-commerce, Hopper is now a travel platform that serves hundreds of millions of travelers by powering and servicing a number of direct channels. The company continues to capture share through increased consumer bookings in all channels. 

Introducing HTS (Hopper Technology Solutions)

As part of Hopper’s evolution to a full-scale travel platform, the company is rebranding its B2B business as HTS (Hopper Technology Solutions). HTS more fully represents the breadth of the modern, data-driven products that are now available through the Hopper platform. HTS is powering some of the world’s leading brands with distributed fintech, partner-branded travel portals, and now, industry-leading E-commerce. 

Building industry-leading E-commerce for travel partners

HTS is introducing a new category of its product offering – HTS E-commerce. Hopper has received accolades for its modern approach to merchandising and its innovative E-commerce experience. HTS is now utilizing that expertise to design and power direct channels for some of the world’s leading travel brands to elevate their E-commerce experience. With this new product offering, HTS is turbocharging performance across mobile and desktop for travel companies, increasing revenue and conversion.

The full HTS E-commerce platform features several key components required for a modern business, including customer service automation, top-tier fraud detection, cloud-based international infrastructure, personalized merchandising, a global payments stack integrated with a hosted wallet and rewards ledger, bank-level infosecurity, and offerings in over twenty languages. 

“While the Hopper mobile app is growing rapidly, HTS comprises over half our company’s revenue just a year and a half after launching, and by next year it’s expected to account for two-thirds of our business,” said Dakota Smith, President and Co-Founder of Hopper. “We are excited to bring our best-in-class E-commerce offerings to help our partners offer a more seamless and comprehensive experience to travelers – while driving real business results.”

To learn more visit hts.hopper.com