Nequi, the first neobank in Colombia, announces new partnership with Hopper Cloud

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Casey Lewis - Wed Nov 16 2022

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  • With this partnership Nequi users will be able to buy plane tickets without leaving the Nequi app. This way, they will have, in one place, the solution to purchase flights and the payment method.

  • After six years of accompanying its users to have a better relationship with money, Nequi inaugurates a new era that incorporates an offer of third-party non-financial services within the app.

  • Nequi has savings goals related to the word 'travel.'

Today, more consumers are prioritizing travel in their personal budgets. For this reason, to make life easier for its users and to find flights and pay for them in one place, Nequi has included the option to buy airline tickets from the app in partnership with Hopper Cloud, the B2B initiative from the travel booking app Hopper.

"For Nequi, it is vital to accompany its users so that they achieve everything they want with their money. That includes traveling and living experiences all over the world. For this reason, and to continue building based on people's real needs, Nequi has developed an alliance with Hopper Cloud, which includes a friendly platform when searching for travel tickets. From now on, our users will be able to buy tickets and pay attention to changes in prices and fares with Hopper without leaving Nequi. This way, they will have in one place, the solution to buy flights and the payment method", says María del Pilar Correa, director of strategy and business development at Nequi.

According to Hopper, the most sought-after domestic destinations by Colombian travelers are Medellin, Bogota and Cartagena, while Miami, Mexico City and Fort Lauderdale are top international destinations.

“Both domestic and international flight capacity have returned to 2019 levels this year, and Colombian travelers are eager to get out there. We are thrilled to be integrating Hopper’s travel inventory into Nequi’s payment platform, allowing users to have a seamless purchasing experience for their next trip,” said Casey Lewis, Head of Cloud Travel at Hopper. 

Hopper Cloud launched in 2021 and through this partnership program, any company can integrate and seamlessly distribute Hopper’s fintech or travel inventory. Additionally, Hopper Cloud offers white-label travel portals for companies that aspire to sell travel with a differentiated consumer experience and offering. The Hopper Cloud business has grown by 4x in the last 6 months alone and now comprises more than 40% of Hopper's business. 

With embedded experiences from third parties such as Hopper, Pinbus (to buy bus tickets), TuOrden (delivery services), and 1DOC3 (to request medical appointments online), among others, Nequi inaugurates an era that incorporates an offer of non-financial services within the app. "What is important, more than money, is what our users achieve with it!" adds Pilar.

From now on, Nequi users will find an increasingly varied range of services within the app. These services can be purchased without exiting the app and with the money users have on their  "Available" or in their "Pockets."

How does it work?

In the Nequi Services section, users will find the ‘Viajes’ (‘Travel’) option through Hopper. There they can select the route, the travel dates, and the flight cost. At the end of the process, they pay with Nequi without leaving the app or redirecting to another site with the money they have in the "Available" balance.