Travel Deal Tuesday Returns with Historically Low Prices & New Ways to Save with Carrot Cash Earnings, Available Exclusively on Hopper

November 30th will be the biggest day for flight, hotel and rental car deals in the post-Thanksgiving shopping period, with exclusive deals to bucket-list destinations.

Adit Damodaran - Nov. 11, 2021

BOSTON, MA - November 11, 2021 - Today, travel booking app Hopper announced that Travel Deal Tuesday (, is returning on November 30th for the fifth year in a row, with historically low prices on flights, hotels and rental cars and exclusive discounts on popular destinations.

As more Americans are vaccinated, they’re ready to take those bucket-list vacations they’ve missed out on since the start of the pandemic. As we look ahead to 2022, we are expecting a record year for travel. In fact, international flight searches for 2022 are growing 54% quicker compared to the same time last year.

Travel Deal Tuesday is the biggest day for travel deals in the post-Thanksgiving shopping period including major discounts on flights, hotels and car rentals; making it the best day for travelers to book those future trips.

Hopper collects 25 to 30 billion flight and hotel price quotes every day and has built a huge historical archive of trillions of prices from over the past several years. The company analyzed its historical pricing data and found that the Tuesday following Thanksgiving has consistently offered the most significant volume of deals that week. 

On Travel Deal Tuesday 2019, Hopper saw more flights discounted than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined – including nearly 30% more deals than Cyber Monday and 40% more than Black Friday. Hopper sends nearly 3 million buy notifications on Travel Deal Tuesday, detecting an average of 34 deals per second on this travel holiday – that’s 30% more than the average day!

This year, shoppers can expect even bigger savings on Travel Deal Tuesday as international airfares are already down 15% compared to pre-pandemic prices in 2019. On top of already discounted prices from airlines, hotels, and car rental companies, travelers can expect to earn even more savings on the Hopper app this Travel Deal Tuesday.

How to participate & score the best deals on Travel Deal Tuesday?

Introducing Carrot Cash on Hopper

For the first time ever, Hopper is launching Carrot Cash, offering a new way for shoppers to save when they book travel in the app. Carrot Cash is monetary travel credit that can only be applied to purchases on Hopper. For every flight, hotel and rental car booking made in the app, Hopper users will earn additional Carrot Cash in return. This applies on November 30th, and all purchases made on Hopper in the future. The more you spend on Hopper, the more Carrot Cash you’ll earn back for future trips.

New to Hopper? On Travel Deal Tuesday, you’ll earn $30 in Carrot Cash when you download the Hopper app for the first time. Simply download the Hopper app on iOS or Android on November 30th, and check your Wallet to redeem your Carrot Cash offer. This credit can be applied to any flight, hotel and rental car booking made directly in the app.

Exclusive Deal Drops on Bucket-List Destinations

Americans are eager to travel again and cross off those bucket-list trips they’ve missed out on during the pandemic. That's why Hopper is offering its biggest Travel Deal Tuesday promotion to date. This year, Hopper will be giving away exclusive Carrot Cash discounts on flights and hotels to several of the most popular destinations booked on the app.

On top of the already great discounts being offered, travelers who book on Hopper can expect additional savings up to $100 off their trip to places like:

  • Las Vegas

  • Hawaii

  • Cancun

  • Paris

  • Miami

  • Maldives

  • Prague

The full list of destinations will be announced leading up to November 30th.

Book with Peace of Mind on Travel Deal Tuesday 

  • 30% off Flight Disruption Guarantee - Ensure your future trip is stress-free. On Nov. 30th, Hopper’s Flight Disruption Guarantee will be 30% off. If you miss a connection, you can book a new flight 100% free with just a few taps in the app. If your flight is delayed or cancelled by the airline, you can either receive compensation or book a new flight with any airline for free directly in the Hopper app. 

  • 30% off Flexible Booking Options - Hopper’s Flexible Booking Options will be offered for 30% off for flight bookings made on Nov. 30th. This means you can cancel or change a flight booking for a reduced price. If you cancel your plans, you’ll get 100% back in travel credit or 80% cash back. If you decide to change your flight, you’ll be able to modify the date, time, and even airline for any reason up to 24 hours prior to departure with just a few taps in the app.

  • Freeze a Price for $0.99 - See a great price on Travel Deal Tuesday, but not ready to book yet? Price Freeze is a more flexible way to book flights and hotels. Hopper will “freeze” the price right where it’s at so that you don’t miss out on a great deal, even if you need more time to plan. On November 30th only, you can freeze select flight or hotel deals for $0.99 and book at a later date.

Check participating airlines & hotels for promotions - Airlines such as Fiji Airways, Qatar Airways, Etihad, Aer Lingus, LOT Polish Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Air New Zealand have already confirmed they’ll be participating in Travel Deal Tuesday 2021. More providers and routes will be announced leading up to the date.

Travel Deal Tuesday 2021

"Americans are beyond eager to make those vacation plans once again, and we want to help travelers score the best deals possible on future trips," said Adit Damodaran, Economist at Hopper. "In recent years, Travel Deal Tuesday has become one of the best days to book travel. Our data shows that on Travel Deal Tuesday 2019, Hopper detected an average of 34 deals per second on this travel holiday, that's 30% more than the average day. This year, Americans can expect even bigger savings, as international airfare prices are already down 15% from pre-pandemic levels and you’ll have the opportunity to score exclusive discounts to popular, bucket-list destinations on Hopper.”

To join in on the exciting deals and learn more about the savings this year, visit Hopper will be announcing further details on featured travel partners, destinations and savings as it gets closer to Travel Deal Tuesday 2021.


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