Uniting for Transparency and Impact: Hopper and veritree Partner to Deliver Verified Nature-Based Solutions in Travel

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Hayley Berg - Tue Jul 11 2023

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Hopper, the renowned travel app, and veritree, a leading restorative software platform for businesses, are proud to announce a new partnership aimed at providing verified nature-based solutions in connection with customer bookings and travel using the Hopper app. Through the partnership, Hopper and its customers will have access to deep insights and impact transparency; furthering their restorative efforts and commitment to planting trees with every flight, hotel, rental car or rental home booked using their app."

Hopper has already contributed to the planting of over 25 million trees helping to sequester massive amounts of carbon from our atmosphere. In addition to all of the CO2 that’s being drawn down, their reforestation efforts have many other beneficial outcomes for our communities and our environment. That’s exactly what Hopper is looking to uncover through its new partnership with veritree. veritree’s technology centralizes the collection of verified ground-level data and evidence from restoration projects around the world, providing insights and visibility to the impact taking place on-the-ground. veritree will be deploying different monitoring technologies to track and document the effects of Hopper's trees. Tools such as acoustic monitors and eDNA samples will be used to understand the baseline and changes to biodiversity, while long-term stereo timelapse cameras will be employed to track growth rate and survival, to better understand the trees impact on climate. Additionally, ground sensors will be utilized to monitor alterations in soil health. 

As per a 2021 McKinsey study even though consumers are demanding more environmentally responsible actions from businesses, 88% of American Gen Zers remain skeptical towards the environmental, social, and governance claims made by brands. Hopper and veritree were eager to present a solution that could address such concerns. This new partnership leverages veritree’s blockchain technology as well as a dedicated impact dashboard, making it easier for Hopper customers to trust and visualize the outcomes of the partnership. 

Collectively, Hopper and veritree will be helping to restore mangrove estuaries in Kenya. In addition to environmental impacts, an added goal of this particular project is to empower the impoverished coastal community to break the poverty cycle. In restoring the mangrove forests, which are rich in biodiversity, this project will provide fishing grounds for the local community. This helps to create additional income streams, including sustainable harvests, as well as helps to stabilize the coastline. 

"At Hopper, we wholeheartedly embrace our responsibility to the planet and our customers, which is why we are thrilled to embark on this new partnership with veritree,” said Hayley Berg, Lead Economist at Hopper. “Through our Hopper Trees Program, we are committed to doing our part and continuing to make forward progress toward a more sustainable future on behalf of our customers.”

"We are excited to join forces with Hopper in this strategic partnership, bringing meaningful and verified nature-based solutions to their customers. Through our innovative software platform and novel technologies, we are enabling transparency, trust, and tangible impact in restoration efforts,” said Derrick Emsley. “Together, we are setting a new standard for the travel industry, demonstrating the power of collaboration in driving positive change for our environment."

As the world strives to reconcile economic progress with ecological responsibility, Hopper and veritree are proud to champion this cause. Through their unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship, this partnership sets an inspiring example for the travel industry and beyond. By bridging the gap between responsible travel and impactful restoration, Hopper and veritree reaffirm their commitment to shaping a brighter, restorative future.