Go Here, Not There: Spring Break Swaps

Where to go to avoid Spring Break crowds?

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Hayley Berg - Wed Mar 08 2023

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2023 is flying by and Spring Break is right around the corner! Airfares for Spring Break getaways across the world are averaging at or above pre pandemic levels already this year. Despite higher prices and inflation putting pressure on budgets this year, demand for spring break trips remains exceptionally high. Many top destinations can expect to see long lines at the airport and crowded streets, beaches or slopes. We’ve rounded up the best destination swaps for Spring Break 2023 to skip the crowds and save! 

How to save on Spring Break?

  1. Book now! Prices will rise for domestic and international Spring Break trips from early March through departure dates. Travelers who wait until the last minute can expect to pay as much as $200 more per ticket if they delay. 

  2. Travel mid-week! For those travelers with flexibility, traveling mid week can save you hundreds on flights and hotel stays just by shifting your dates. Save $100 on domestic airfare by departing on a Tuesday, save as much as $150 per international ticket by departing Monday through Wednesday. Hotel stays will be most expensive Friday and Saturday night, so start your stay on a sunday to save an average of 25% off weekend rates. 

  3. Consider alternate destinations! Oftentimes you can save on airfare and hotel rates by picking a destination off the beaten track. We’ve rounded up the best destination swaps to skip the crowds and save here! 

Hopper's 2023 Destination Swaps:

Big Cities

Big cities are on the agenda for spring break trips this year! New York, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. top the rankings as some of the highest demand big city destinations for getaways in March and April. For travelers looking to get the big city feel without the crowds, check out these alternatives! 


Warm weather beach getaways are top of mind for travelers this year, with trips to destinations across Florida and the Caribbean in high demand. Whether you’re planning to stay domestic or look to some budget friendly international destinations, these destination swaps will save you from overcrowded beaches!

Snow & Ski

While for most travelers spring break means sun and sand, some outdoor enthusiasts are packing their snow gear and heading to the mountains to take advantage of spring skiing. Check out these destination swaps to avoid the crowds!

Long Haul Bucket List Destinations

Last spring many long haul destinations remained inaccessible due to strict COVID-19 restrictions and policies. With many of these regions open and welcoming tourists this spring, demand and prices are ultra high to many top “bucket list” destinations. Try swapping these top destinations for alternatives with fewer crowds, and so much to offer.

Trips to Europe

Europe is always on the mind for Americans looking to travel abroad, and some savvy travelers are headed across the Atlantic this spring to enjoy cooler weather and fewer crowds. London, Paris and Rome remain the highest demand destinations, and will be crowded even in the spring months. Try swapping these top destinations for adventures in Copenhagen, Porto or Dublin to save on airfare and the crowds. 

Where to go for less?

Last-Minute Spring Break Travel Tips:

  1. Book flights ASAP: If you haven’t booked your Spring Break plans yet, you’ll want to get on it now. Prices can rise by nearly $200 per ticket in the last 3-4 weeks ahead of your trip! If you see a good deal but need more time to plan, use Hopper’s Price Freeze. Lock in a low price you see now and book at a later date, before prices rise!

  2. Consider alternate destinations: Oftentimes you can save on airfare and hotel rates by picking destinations off the beaten path. Check out some of the swaps in this report to not only save, but also to avoid the crowds!

  3. Fly mid-week: Depart in the middle of the week. Just by flying on a Wednesday vs. the weekend you can save as much as 33% (or $92 per ticket!) off of peak weekend prices. 

  4. Heading to a big city, book your hotel last-minute: If you’re heading to a big city, book your hotel at the last-minute to save over 30% in big cities. Hotels in large cities have to compete with many other, similar hotels to capture your reservation. 

  5. Check-in on off-peak days: Save $45 per night on average by checking in on off-peak days, like Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. You’ll pay 25% more on average to check in over the weekend.

  6. Take the first flight out: Flights departing after 9am are 2X more likely to be delayed than departures scheduled between 5-8am. To avoid travel disruption and potential costs associated with delays, missed connections and cancellations fly as early in the morning as possible.

  7. Add trip protection: Consider protecting your plans with trip insurance or Hopper’s Flight Disruption Guarantee. If your flight is delayed, canceled or you miss a connection, you can immediately rebook on any flight, regardless of carrier. 

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