Summer 2022: Go here, not there!

With summer right around the corner and airfare on the rise, many travelers are planning to trade in more expensive, long haul flights for cheaper destinations closer to home. We’ve assembled the ultimate guide for how to save money on your travel this summer, without compromising on exciting trips and destinations.

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Hayley Berg - Tue Apr 19 2022

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The cost of summer travel

Airfare for domestic travel this summer will cost ~ $344 for travelers who book in April, up more than 20% compared to this time in 2019. We compare airfare for this summer to 2019 levels, as this was the last “normal” summer before the COVID-19 pandemic impacted travel in both summer 2020 and summer 2022. The price of international travel to Europe, Mexico and Central America remains just slightly above 2019 levels, and will cost travelers ~$881 to Europe or ~$458 to Mexico & Central America. Travel to our northern neighbor, Canada remains ~19% more expensive this summer than in 2019, and will cost travelers an average of ~$387 round trip. 

How to save this summer

Prices for summer 2022 may be rising, but there will still be great deals available for savvy travelers. Check out our top 3 tips for saving big this summer: 

[1] Use a price monitoring tool, like Hopper, to ensure you’re getting notifications when the best and lowest prices are available for your trip! 

[2] Be flexible with your dates! Departing a day early, or returning a day later can make a significant difference in the cost of your trip. If you’re headed for a weekend away, consider departing on a Thursday or returning on a Monday to save the most. If you’re headed internationally, try to depart on a Wednesday or a Thursday to get the best deals. 

[3] Consider destinations closer to home! With summer right around the corner and airfare on the rise, many travelers are planning to trade in more expensive, long haul flights for cheaper destinations closer to home. We’ve assembled the ultimate “Go here, not there” guide to help you save money on your travel this summer- without compromising on exciting trips and destinations. 

Wine Country

Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino lovers flock to Tuscany each year to see the wineries where their favorite wines are grown and produced. With prices to Tuscany (via Florence) over $1,100 round trip this summer, budget conscious travelers can consider excellent wine regions, closer to home. Napa and Sonoma Counties in California boast a multitude of wineries, offering a wide range of wines, tours and experiences. Travelers ready to head north to Willamette Valley, Oregon can experience the best of American Pinot Noir, and many other varietals, and save more than $700 off their trip, compared to visiting Tuscany. 

Scuba Divers

Scuba divers travel from around the world to dive in the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the world. Though travel to Australia is now possible with borders recently opened to vaccinated travelers, prices remain high at over $2,000 round trip per passenger for June through August of 2022. Consider packing up your gear and visiting a destination closer to home to save as much as 70% off the price of a trip to the Great Barrier reef! Head to the famed Galapagos Islands to dive off of Floreana, an island formed more than 1.5 million years ago or visit the Great Blue Hole in Belize, the largest underwater sinkhole in the world. 

Road Trippers

Dreaming of hopping in a convertible and exploring the sea coast this summer? For travelers looking to take an epic road trip this summer, consider trading in the scenic views of the Mediterranean for the equally impressive views of the Pacific Ocean, on the Pacific Coast Highway. Airfare to road trip starting points in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles is almost a third of the price of a round trip ticket to the French Riviera this summer. Book your flight and your rental car on Hopper to get the best deal for your entire trip!

Outdoor Adventurers

Outdoor enthusiasts travel from around the world during summer months to traverse the Tour du Mont Blanc or visit the “gateway to the Fjords,” Bergen, Norway. Though prices to Geneva and Bergen are lower than this time in 2019, travelers will still pay about $1,000 for round trip tickets to either destination this summer. 

Budget conscious travelers who are itching to get outside can visit Glacier National Park or Grand Canyon National Park this summer for $557 or less round trip. Flagstaff, Arizona is its own gateway to national parks, national forests, hiking areas, and even relaxing Sedona!

European Architecture & Old World Charm

Many travelers take advantage of school vacations and time off work to take bucket list trips to cities like Paris and Rome, to experience the history and old world charm of European cities. This summer, travel to major European cities like Paris and Rome will run travelers over $920 per round trip ticket, with prices to Paris up more than 20% compared to 2019. 

The old world charm of these European cities can be seen in destinations closer to home, for a much affordable price. Brush off your French on a visit to Quebec City or Montreal! Experience Spanish colonial architecture in the oldest town in the United States, St. Augustine. Or, experience the melting pot of French, African and American cultures in vibrant New Orleans. Visit one of these alternate destinations and save ~$500 or more per round trip ticket this summer! 

Beach Party

Warmer weather is on the horizon and many travelers are looking for sun and fun on their summer vacations this year.  The Spanish party island of Ibiza is a popular destination for travelers seeking for white sand beaches for the day, and a large nightlife featuring clubs, dancing and live music by night. 

Budget conscious travelers can consider trading in a higher priced trip to Ibiza for a trip to Miami or Tulum, Mexico for the best of white sand beaches and nightlife at a fraction of the cost.  Planning a trip to Tulum (via Cancun) will save travelers ~50% off a trip to the Spanish isle of Ibiza, and visiting Miami will save travelers almost ~75%!

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