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Taking a summer trip to Europe? You're not alone. An estimated 13 million American travelers to destinations across Europe

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Hayley Berg - Thu Jun 13 2024

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This summer more than 57,000 flights are scheduled to take off from US airports to bring an estimated 13 million American travelers to destinations across Europe! Demand for vacations to Europe is high this summer, with Europe commanding at least 3x more demand than every other region worldwide except for Asia! Demand has normalized following pandemic travel restrictions and the ensuing demand bubble, and is tracking this year to be higher than in 2018 or 2019 on a share basis. 

Airfare from the US to Europe this summer is averaging $892 per ticket, bringing major relief for American travelers with fares down 16% from last summer. Prices this summer are in line with 2017 - 2018 prices, and slightly higher than 2019 levels, marking a continued return to pre-pandemic economics for travelers. 

Busiest airports in Europe expected for this summer

This year, airports across the EU have scheduled 6% more flights to depart and 8% more passengers to depart than at this time last year. From June through the end of August of this year, over 2.2 million flights will depart from European airports, carrying more than 373 million seats! If you’re headed abroad to Europe, plan for busy and packed travel days as airports will be even busier than last year. London, Paris and Frankfurt will be the busiest airports all summer, along with many other major airports in the region.

How to combat disruption on your 2024 summer vacation?

Summer is the season of the year for travel and along with a surge in passengers and flights, we often see a surge in travel disruptions. Last summer airports in Europe saw a surge in delays and cancellations during peak summer travel months, with July seeing a +30% surge in disruptions, impacting over 30% of departing flights.  

You can’t control travel disruptions but you can prepare for it! Here are our top tips for mitigating the impact of disruption on your trip: 

When you’re planning:

  • Add Trip Protection: For long haul trips, especially those with layovers, it's smart to add trip protection to your travel plans. Some travel providers, like Hopper, offer Disruption Assistance which allows you to rebook a new flight immediately, regardless of carrier, if you’re delayed, canceled by the airline or you miss a connection. This is a foolproof way to ensure you get to your destination as quickly as possible, if your trip gets disrupted.

  • Book with flexibility: Travelers may want to consider adding extra flexibility to their upcoming travel plans in case they want to make last minute changes. Travelers should take advantage of plans like Cancel for Any Reason or Change for Any Reason available through some airlines and Hopper. With these plans, you can instantly cancel or change your itinerary without incurring any additional fees.

  • Take the first flight of the day: In general, flights departing after 9am are 2X more likely to be delayed than departures scheduled between 5-8am. To avoid travel disruption, fly as early in the morning as possible.

  • Build in a buffer day: Don’t leave it to chance! Particularly major trips or if you’re flying to a major event (wedding, concert etc), it's always better to be safe by baking in an extra day to get to your destination. This way you’ll have some wiggle room, should any delays or disruptions interfere with your travel plans. 

Day of trip:

  • Sign up for alerts & check flight status before you go to the airport: You’ll want to know about delays and cancellations as early as possible. On most carriers, passengers can sign up for text, email, and/or in-app notifications about any changes to their itinerary including delay and cancellations.

  • Know what options you have available: Know what other flights are headed to your destination the same day as your trip in case you’re disrupted and need to get on another flight. This is especially important when you’re traveling internationally, as there may not be as many options available to you! Be sure to check airline policies, many carriers will waive change fees if there is a weather advisory or give compensation/travel credit if your flight is canceled within a few hours of departure.

  • Keep it to carry-on luggage: If you have layovers on your trip especially, consider packing a carry on bag instead of or in addition to checked baggage. When you experience delays, cancellations or missed connections, you may find yourself stranded without access to your checked luggage. Whether it’s toiletries, a change of clothes or medication, be sure to keep a few essentials in your carry on in the event you’re separated from your bags for longer than expected. 

Top European Destinations for Summer 2024

This summer travelers are headed to the bucket list favorites like London, Paris and Rome! With Paris hosting the Olympic Games this year, travelers are in for a special experience seeing the city of lights host the best athletes in the world. Other top destinations include Mediterranean favorites like Barcelona, Athens and Lisbon. 

Among the top trending destinations for summer in Europe a new trend is emerging this year. Sardinia is home to two of the top trending destinations for summer travel from the US, Olbia and Cagliari. This second largest Mediterranean island is home to incredible coastline, beaches, hiking, food, culture and more. Sardinia’s sister island, Sicily, became the subject of intense demand last summer following a season of the popular show “The White Lotus” bringing attention to the island. The interest in Italy’s Mediterranean islands appears to have spread! 

Destinations in Portugal have also made the top list for trending destinations, though this is no surprise. Both mainland and island regions of Portugal have been increasing in popularity for the last few years, supported by the expansion of low cost airlines flying into Portugal’s major hubs. Airfare to Portugal remains low from most major US hubs, and travelers can stretch their food, activity and accommodation budgets in Portugal much further than in other countries of the EU. 

Most Popular Routes


Accommodations in Europe this summer are averaging about $285 per night, though you can find a wide range of offerings and prices in most cities. The top cities for stays on the Hopper app this summer are Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, London and Athens. These destinations offer prices ranging from $200 per night to nearly $350 per night depending on when and where you stay.

Haven’t booked your trip yet? Here’s how to hack your trip to Europe. 

If you haven’t booked your summer trip yet, now is the time to book before prices rise even more! We’ve rounded up our tips and tricks for making the most of your travel budget. 

  1. Fly on weekdays to save as much as $435 per ticket!

Most travelers dreaming of a vacation to Europe this summer are hoping to spend a week or longer in their destination, allowing time for travel, recovering from jet lag and lots of in-country enjoyment. Whether you’re going for a weeklong trip or making it 10+ days, plan to depart and return on weekdays in order to get the lowest airfare. 

  • Book your weeklong trip departing on Wednesday and returning the following Tuesday. These dates will save you on average 20% or $215 per ticket off fares for the popular Saturday - Friday trip. 

  • Make it a 10 day trip by departing on Monday and returning the following wednesday. These dates will save you on average 35% or about $435 per ticket compared to a Sunday to the following Monday schedule. 

Staying even longer? No matter how long your trip is planned for, we recommend departing and returning early to mid week in order to get the lowest airfares possible. Use the color coded calendar on the Hopper app to help guide which dates will be the least expensive for your specific trip!  

2. Shift your trip to the shoulder season to save $195 per airline ticket

Airfare to Europe during June, July and August is the most expensive it will be all year, with averages as high as $1,000 per ticket and airfare to some popular cities even higher. Not only will travelers be paying higher airfare, they will be traveling at peak tourist season and are likely to face crowds, lines and even sold out experiences. 

Traveling to Europe in September or early October is one simple way to save 23% or about $195 off airfare! Shift your travel into the early shoulder season to benefit from lower prices, fewer crowds and even less heat in some of the most popular destinations along the mediterranean coast. 

3. Travel off the beaten path

Europe is packed with tourists during the summer months meaning more crowds, longer lines and higher prices. One of the best ways to save money and have a more authentic experience in Europe is to travel to destinations more off the beaten path. Explore local towns outside larger cities like Paris and Rome. Or, check out smaller cities offering much of the same cultural heritage and experience, but for a much smaller share of your wallet. When possible, eat and shop at local businesses (not catered toward tourists!) to support local economies. 

4. Skip the Saturday Night Stay

As in the US, weekend stays are some of the most expensive rates you’ll find when booking accommodations. Whenever possible, try to avoid staying on Friday and Saturday nights to save an average of 43% off peak weekend rates. If you plan to splurge on a special property or experience, schedule it for Sunday or Monday night to stretch your budget further!

Hopper helped score travelers these incredible deals to Europe for under $500 this summer! 

Best Deal Destinations in Europe

Last-minute deals you can book for trips to Europe this summer:

  • Boston, Massachusetts to Reykjavik, Iceland for as low as $390 round-trip on Hopper

  • Boston, Massachusetts to Copenhagen, Denmark for as low as $456 round-trip on Hopper

  • Chicago, Illinois to Copenhagen, Denmark for as low as $459 round-trip on Hopper

  • Dallas, Texas to Copenhagen, Denmark for as low as $520 round-trip on Hopper

  • Los Angeles, California to Stockholm, Sweden for as low as $532 round-trip on Hopper

  • New York City, New York to Reykjavik, Iceland for as low as $389 round-trip on Hopper

  • New York City, New York to Dublin, Ireland for as low as $444 round-trip on Hopper

  • New York City, New York to Stockholm, Sweden for as low as $470 round-trip on Hopper

  • San Francisco, California to Copenhagen, Denmark for as low as $520 round-trip on Hopper

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