Taylor Swift International Eras Tour Travel Guide

Your ultimate guide to seeing Taylor Swift's Eras Tour abroad!

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Hayley Berg - Mon Oct 30 2023

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Listen up Swifties, we’re in our traveling Era. Want to see Taylor Swift abroad? The team at Hopper has you covered. We’ve taken the Eras Tour schedule and compiled a travel guide to help you determine the cheapest and easiest way to see Taylor abroad and plan the trip of your Wildest Dreams.

Where to see Taylor to score the best deal?

Taylor heads back on her Eras Tour next month, stopping in South and North America, before heading to Asia, Oceania and Europe. With dates scheduled through November 2024, there is still hope for those that are eager to see the blockbuster concert series. 

In some cases you might even be able to get better deals on seeing Taylor abroad. Consider when you book, where you go and current ticket prices. 

When to book?

Planning on attending one of Taylor’s next 8 shows in Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Toronto, São Paulo, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, or Singapore – then “drop everything now” and book your flight ticket ASAP! Prices are the lowest that they’ll be, and will rise from here. 

If you are waiting to see the Eras Tour in Europe early next summer, then you can Breathe for now. To get the best price on airfare, start monitoring now with a tool like Hopper and book by February.

For those who plan to see her in July and August, perhaps even on “that July 9th”, then you should also be monitoring prices now but plan to book a bit later in March or April.

Eras Tour Travel Tips

  1. Look What You Made Me Do – Eyeing a trip to an upcoming show? Set a price “Watch” in the Hopper app with the concert city(s) you have in mind and the tour dates – and the app will notify you as soon as a good deal is available and it’s time to book! Look out for special discounts on Travel Deal Tuesday (November 28th) to pack on even more savings.

  2. Book your Getaway Car and your hotel at the same time you book your flight for the best deal on all three! For flights, plan to book airfare at least 3-4 months in advance of the concert date. Plan to book your hotels when you book your flight, or at least 30 days ahead of your departure.

  3. Avoid any Bad Blood due to disrupted plans – Add trip protection to your holiday trips to protect against potential delays and cancellations. Last year, flight disruptions wreaked havoc on Americans' holiday travel plans. Savvy travelers should invest in trip protection, like Hopper’s Flight Disruption Guarantee, that allows you to rebook your flight immediately from a selection of carriers, if you get delayed or canceled over the holidays. 

  4. Are You Ready for It? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be! – Use Hopper’s Price Freeze to lock in a good flight or hotel price you see and book later when you’re ready. 

  5. Plan around the Red – Use Hopper’s color-coded calendar available in the app to find the cheapest days to fly (marked in green) and avoid the most expensive days (marked in red). You can save $100 off international airfares just by flying mid-week instead of popular weekend dates.

Get the Hopper app to find the best deals.

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