Thanksgiving 2022: Getting along or getting out over the holidays?

Rethinking spending Thanksgiving with your in-laws? Last year, travelers saved 28% off hotel stays when they booked same-day check-ins on Thanksgiving Day.

Hayley Berg - Nov. 22, 2022

Thanksgiving is just days away and Americans are gearing up for the holiday weekend. For many Americans, this holiday season will be the first in three years spent with family after two seasons of covid lockdowns and limited travel.

Many travelers have historically started their Thanksgiving stay the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, while an even larger group will start a hotel stay on Black Friday, presumably sneaking in a getaway weekend after the holiday. 

  • 60% of searches made for Thanksgiving Day check-ins last year were made on Thanksgiving Day itself. 

  • 67% of searches for Black Friday check-ins were made on Black Friday. 

  • Most travelers who were searching for hotels the night before Thanksgiving planned ahead, with only 12% of searches made for check-ins the night before Thanksgiving made the same day.  

It can pay to delay

Checking in at the last minute over Thanksgiving can actually save you big time on hotel rates. Last year, same-day bookers for the night before Thanksgiving saved 23% off hotels, with prices dropping as much as 12% within 24 hours of check in! Thanksgiving day bookers saved 28% off hotel stays when they booked same-day check-ins. Black Friday is a popular day for hotel stays, especially last minute ones, so travelers can only save about 9% by searching and booking for same day check in. Buyer be warned, though there will be great prices for same-day check ins, travelers may need to be flexible on where they stay. Some specific hotels or room types may be sold out with holiday travelers. Use Hopper to find all the deals and available stays near you when you plan your last-minute holiday stay. 

Who is getting along, and who is getting out! 

Based on search data from Thanksgiving 2021, Hopper identified which states saw the biggest spikes (and smallest spikes) in searches for same-day check-ins. These are the states with highest spikes in same-day check-in hotel searches are “getting out!” and the lowest spikes are “getting along!” over the holiday week.


How to get a last-minute hotel deal

  • Search for your hotel on Hopper. Hopper often has rates you can’t find anywhere else! Hotels offer different rates through many different avenues and there are all kinds of rates that may not be available publicly, such as package rates, member rates, geo-fenced rates, closed user group rates, and pre-purchased inventory blocks, just to name a few. Hopper will explore every channel to secure the best available deal, all you need to do is open the app and search. Try favoriting your top hotels and we’ll notify you as soon as prices drop! 

  • Book last minute…seriously! Shopping at the last minute in major cities can actually save you 25% or more! Booking at the last minute for hotels can actually save you the most over the holidays. If you’re flexible with where you stay, you can save as much as 25% by booking at the last minute on the day of or day before your stay.

  • Be flexible. In order to take advantage of last minute low prices, you must be flexible with hotel quality and amenities. If there’s a specific hotel or room type at a hotel you want to stay in, don’t wait for the last minute to book as these may be sold out. If you’re flexible on where you stay, and some amenities, you’ll be able to take advantage of low, last minute check in prices.  

Hot Last-Minute Hotel Deals

Rethinking staying the holiday week with your in-laws? Last-Minute Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday check-ins available on Hopper:

  • Las Vegas as low as $89

  • Orlando as low as $72

  • Chicago as low as $100

  • Nashville as low as $100

  • San Francisco as low as $110

  • Boston as low as $120

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