The Bachelorette Party Travel Guide: Spring 2019

Hopper’s guide to booking the best celebration without breaking the bank.

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Hayley Berg - Wed Apr 17 2019

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Spring is finally upon us, which means that bachelorette party season is in full swing. What used to be a one day event has for many become an excuse to spend an entire weekend away with friends, sometimes even out of the country. While there are few vacations as special as celebrating the people you love, this relatively new trend means that many consumers now have another out of town event to budget for.

If this sounds like you, read on for Hopper’s guide to booking the best celebration without breaking the bank.


  • Flight prices are lower in early spring, so book your weekend away in late April/early May for the best deals.

  • Flexible party plans? Save up to 17%. Booking your trip to start on a Saturday for getaways in our Trendy Destination cities, Miami, or New Orleans will mean lower prices compared to a Friday departure. For international destinations, make it a long weekend and start your getaway on Thursday for the best deals.

  • Hotel prices are generally lowest if travelers are checking in on a Sunday, but deals are available for check ins between Thursday - Saturday for most cities.

  • Remind your bridal party to watch flights on Hopper to get the best deals!

Trendy Bachelorette Destinations

Flight Tips: Flexible dates? Book departures on a Saturday for these fun destinations to save up to 17% on airfare. Prices for travel to Austin, Nashville, and Charleston have dropped this spring compared to 2018, so take advantage of these good deal prices while they last!

Hotel Tips: Hotel prices in these cities are relatively stable throughout the week, with the best deals with a Friday or Saturday check in.  San Francisco prices rise mid week to meet business traveller demand, but drop again over the weekend, bringing good deals for weekend visitors!

Bright Lights, Big City

Flight Tips: Flexible dates? If you plan to party down in Miami or New Orleans, consider booking departures on Saturday, to save between 15-20% on flights.

Hotel Tips: Hotel rates in New York and Los Angeles peak mid-week, so best deals are available for check ins between Thursday and Saturday. Party cities Las Vegas, Miami, and New Orleans see hotel prices creep up on weekends, so expect higher prices for a Friday or Saturday check in.

International Love

Flight Tips: Flights to San Juan, London, and Ibiza are lowest if you depart on a Thursday, so make it a long weekend and save up to $65 on your airfare. Prices to Montreal and London have dropped this spring, so take advantage of lower prices in 2019.

Hotel Tips: Best hotel deals for London begin on Friday and last through Sunday, while prices in Cabo and San Juan rise closer to the weekend. For trips to Cabo and San Juan, book a Thursday check in to get the best deals.


Flight prices are for average Friday - Sunday round-trip tickets from the US to each location with departures between April and May 2019, unless otherwise stated. Airports and prices are the best deal airport/price for the locations listed. Hotel prices are for "good deal" Friday - Sunday hotel rates in each location with check-in dates between April and May 2019, unless otherwise stated. The data presented in this study comes from Hopper's real-time feed of 25 to 30 billion daily airfare and hotel price quotes and its historical archive of several trillion prices from over the past several years.

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